Penalty Of Leadership

Penalty Of Leadership

("...That which deserves to live - lives.")
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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

question mark What is an assumed set list?
When a concert is not released/recorded, the set list is only based on assumptions and guesses. Because Elvis rarely changed his set list, the guesses are qualified, based on either a probability or other recorded concerts around the same time or day.

question mark Why are the language translations not 100% correct?
The translations are initially and naively done through Google's translation services. Visitors are encouraged to send corrections to FAQ will be translated at a later time.

question mark Why are some releases missing?
Typically, as this site are targeted towards the serious Elvis collector, main stream releases will not be added as every track mostly will be available on other, more "collector bona fide" releases. Releases are added from a significance point of view. Generally if a release falls into any of these categories, it will be added:
- Performance only available here
- Best available quality
- Original (re-)release
- A labels current or previous catalogue item
(If a release is not added, it probably falls OUT of these categories)
Once a release has been added it will not be removed, mostly due to less maintenance of the web site. However, if an old release's significance no longer exists, it could be subject for deletion. Over time we will have an updated, actual and trimmed release list.

question mark Why are there no pictures or sounds?
Other sites does a fantastic job on the subject of pictures. On this site, pictures are not a priority, sorry.
About sounds, there are the copyright aspects, first of all, and on this site there will not be any '15 seconds snippets' of songs as this would not justify the artistry of Elvis. You do not show only the corner of the Mona Lisa painting, do you?

question mark How is sound quality determined?
Like music to start with, sound quality is different for one listener to another. This site tries to settle for a compromise where only three levels exists; high (Quality), medium (Quality) and low (Quality). Generally and typically, official releases and high-end bootlegs are considered to have high sound quality, audience recordings are considered to have low sound quality, and then other releases are considered to have medium sound quality. But there are, by all means, both official releases and audience recordings that falls into the medium category. A release, of course, can also have individual sound quality on individual tracks.
This site does NOT mix sound quality with historical importance.

question mark How often will the web site be updated?
There are two different aspects of updating. The site's structure and the site's data. The structure will not be updated very often. The data will be updated on a regular basis, mostly when a new release sees the light of day or when new/changed information are available.
It is important to know, that this site will NEVER be considered complete, but always be in a state of change, either structure or data (when are anything ever complete?).
And sorry, there will not be any service, like e-mail distribution, when updates are added.

question mark When I navigate, I often need a "Back" button/link? Why is this missing?
Many web sites include tons of "Back" buttons/links on their pages. This is not necessary, because your browser already has one built in. In fact, you will save yourself a lot of mouse operations by pressing the Back button on your keyboard instead.

question mark What is factual information and what is speculation?
Unfortunately, the resources to confirm every piece of information are not present. If some speculated information finds it's way to these pages, it's certainly not intended.

question mark How is this web site constructed?
Underneath, there is a relational database, where every entity relating to Elvis' music are stored. On top of this database, web pages, written in the PHP language, provides the request/response dialogue from/to you.

question mark I have found an error or I have a comment. How do I report this?
On the About page, there is an e-mail link. Feel free to use that.

question mark Is there a discussion forum concerning this site?
There will not be a 'local' discussion forum on this site. Visitors who wants to discuss with other visitors are encouraged to request the board administrators at For Elvis CD Collectors to create a forum or use the existing 'All Elvis' forum.